JLCD’s Community Impact in North Pinellas

How Does JLCD Make an Impact in the Community?

The committee that is in charge of JLCD community projects is the Community Impact Committee. This committee creates volunteer opportunities for League members aligned with JLCD’s community focus on fighting poverty in North Pinellas. 

The Community Impact Committee plans and organizes all of JLCD’s volunteer events. These events help children, families, and individuals struggling with food insecurity and other poverty-related issues.

Projects That Make An Impact

JLCD is involved in several projects that make a difference in the North Pinellas community. A signature project of JLCD is The Pack-A-Snack (PAS) Program.

JLCD Helps Kids With the Pack-A-Snack Program 

A recent study shows that 1 in 5 children in Pinellas County are food insecure, meaning they do not have enough food at times for an active, healthy life

The PAS Program provides weekly weekend meals for students at Tarpon Springs Elementary School (TSES). JLCD partners with the guidance counselors of TSES to identify students that would benefit from the PAS program. 

JLCD sponsors 60 students a year through the PAS Program.

The Community Impact Committee plans monthly food packing nights. On these nights, members volunteer to sort and pack food items for the meals. 

Since its launch, JLCD has donated over 2,400 PAS bags. 

In addition to the PAS bags, the Community Impact Committee uses funds to purchase books and holiday gifts for PAS bags recipients. JLCD members volunteer to wrap and package these gifts for each child.

Literacy and Education Events

Other projects and efforts supported by the Community Impact Committee are literacy and education events. 

JLCD purchases books for school libraries and children’s home libraries. The committee hosts literacy events for students at Tarpon Springs Elementary School and Sandy Lane Elementary School.

Giving Back and Giving Books

The Community Impact Committee organizes literacy events at local elementary schools. At these events, League members volunteer to read to the students and help them with a craft activity that is paired with the book being read. JLCD funds are used to purchase a book for each student, the craft materials, and a snack. 

Through literacy events, JLCD has donated over 1,540 books. 

Success Through Community Partnerships

JLCD partners with various community organizations to support individuals impacted by poverty and food insecurity. 

Partnerships include:

Supporting the Mission

The Community Impact Committee continues to look for ways for League members to support our mission to alleviate poverty in North Pinellas. Whether its donating time or clothing, League members are generous to support our mission and help families in our community.   

How Can a JLCD Member Participate?

There are community-driven volunteer opportunities for active members and sustaining League members to participate in every month.  

A JLCD member can:

  • Join us at a monthly packing event for Pack-A-Snack.
  • Donate requested items during a general membership meeting. 
  • Wrap presents and books for elementary students at a holiday wrapping party.
  • Support families at FEAST events during the holidays.
  • Volunteer at the FEAST pantry.
  • Join us at a literacy event.
  • Inspire elementary students at a College Day event at SPC. 
  • Talk about your passions or careers at the Great American Teach-In.

How Do We Make a Community Impact

Through our members, of course!

Our projects are supported through the funds raised by the Little Black Dress Initiative and through donations.

Our projects are a success due to the tireless dedication of the JLCD membership. Without our League volunteers, we couldn’t get this done! 

Why Are We Committed to Our Projects

JLCD has committed to studying, researching, raising awareness, and providing support to help children struggling with food insecurity and poverty-related issues.

Through our projects, we hope to ease the effects of poverty and food insecurity, promote health and wellness, and impact future generations’ lives.

How Can You Help JLCD and Our Community?

The positive impact we make on the lives of the students we support through our programming is due to the generous donations of sponsors and donors

As a volunteer-based organization, donations ensure that we can continue to thrive in our mission and expand our community outreach.

Learn more about how you can help JLCD alleviate food insecurity and poverty in North Pinellas County. 


A Special Thanks to Alysha Anderson, JLCD Member of the Community Impact Committee, who contributed to this article.