What Is the Calvin Closet Project?

“Thank you again for all your efforts.  It looks amazing. …The Calvin Closet project helps them (students) with basic needs to get them to cross the finish line.” – Principal Keimig

JLCD women standing in front of Calvin Hunsinger school sign that reads "Thank You, JLCD"In March of 2021, the Junior League of Clearwater-Dunedin (JLCD) began a multi-year financial and volunteer commitment to Calvin A. Hunsinger School, a Title 1 alternative school in Clearwater, FL. The League launched the community project, Calvin’s Closet, which provides students access to food, clothing, and hygiene products.

JLCD’s current community focus is fighting poverty and food insecurity in North Pinellas County. Calvin’s Closet at Calvin A. Hunsinger School serves as an ideal access point to support and mitigate the impacts of poverty in the area.  

Why Did JLCD Choose the Calvin A. Hunsinger School?

With numerous students in need in Pinellas County, why did JLCD select to partner with the Calvin A. Hunsinger School? The school was referred to JLCD as an opportunity to help students and families who manage additional life factors that can compound and contribute to poverty and resource.

What Is the Calvin Closet Project?   

Calvin’s Closet is part of JLCD’s effort to combat poverty and food insecurity in North Pinellas through the supplementation of food, clothing, and hygiene products to Calvin A. Hunsinger School students. The closet provides everyday basic resources to students and their families in a convenient access location. These resources help to support food security and basic health needs.  

Due to COVID-19 and rising inflation costs, more families face stressors and circumstances that lead to poverty and health disparities. Calvin’s Closet was developed with these factors in mind. 

JLCD Volunteers Lead The Way 

In the League’s initial setup of Calvin’s Closet, there were 13 members and 80 volunteer hours dedicated to the mobilization of the closet. JLCD invested an initial $9,000, dedicated to setting up inventory for the closet. Later, the League would provide 750+ items across food, hygiene, and clothing offerings. 

How Is the Calvin Closet Project Funded?

Calvin’s Closet is one of JLCD’s community projects funded through monies raised from one of our major fundraisers, the Little Black Dress Initiative.  Calvin’s Closet is JLCD’s initiative for the next three years, but the final goal is to spearhead similar pantries in other schools in the community to extend outreach and impact. 

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Article by Lindsey Daniel, Communications Committee 2021-2022