The Leadership of the Junior League of Clearwater-Dunedin (JLCD) ensures the future of the League at all levels. The Leadership’s main goal is to make sure the League’s programs are consistent with the vision and mission of the League. All leaders are must also meet the fiduciary responsibility to the League, our sponsors, and the community. The Leadership team is also charged with developing and meeting strategic goals and outcomes of our organization.

Governance Board

Mary Ellen Shaffer
Helene Dalmanieras
Executive Vice President
Christie Rock
Chelsea Mulvin
Megan Hueske
Treasurer Elect
Melissa Moré
Nominating Chair
Stephanie Johnson
Sustainer Representative
Sarah Morgan Thompson
Members at Large
Beth Tasis
Alexis Flowers
Karolina Roszel
Elsa Incaudo
Candyce Miller

Executive Management Team

Executive Vice President
Christie Rock
Administrative Vice President
Natalie Root
Vice President of Membership
Tonja Knobel
Vice President of Community
Anne-Todd Eisner
Vice President of Communications
Beth Chernes
Vice President of Finance
Bethany Sullivan
Vice President of Training
Janie Deignan
Placement Chair
Amber Estlund

Committee Chairs

Art Harvest
Katie Daly (Co-Chair)
Melissa Peters (Co-Chair)
Joann Dilernia (Chair-Elect)
Wendy Dulin (Chair-Elect)
Jamie Planas (Co-Chair)
Megan Forde (Chair-Elect)
Community Impact
Erin Emnett (Co-Chair)
Jaclyn Grob (Co-Chair)
Marisa Guy (Chair-Elect)
Fund Development
Jessica Turner (Chair)
Membership Connections
Gabby Harris (Co-Chair)
Vianca Trier (Co-Chair)
Membership Development
Antje Anderson (Co-Chair)
Crystal Calentine (Co-Chair)
Amber Estlund (Co-Chair)
Jessica Moreno (Chair-Elect)
Hali Coker (Co-Chair)
Natalie Davis (Co-Chair)
Scot Shop
Kelly Kennedy (Chair)
Sarah Liakos (Chair)
Julie McCarthy (Chair-Elect)
Diversity and Inclusion
Michelle Nadeau (Chair)